Equipments of converting waste tires and plastics into oil
UV painting equipment, bottle painting equipment
Aluminium extrusion machinery equipment
Concrete machinery equipment
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About us

   Shandong Bochuang Heavy Industry Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. belongs to Bochuang Group.It is a company which integrates scientific research, manufacture, and selling. The company was set up in July, 2003. It covers an area of 120 thousand square meters. The company has 26 high-level technical staff, and 68 mid-level technical staff. The company has perennial technical cooperation with relevant domestic and abroad colleges (Tisnghua University etc.)and research institutes(Chinese Academy of Sciences). The company has several national patents and exclusive techniques with intellectual property rights. The company has made out several competitive products with the patents and techniques.

      Shandong Bo Chong residential industrial equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in the development and promotion of new modern building application technology and high-tech enterprises. Shandong Bo Chong residential industrial equipment Co., Ltd. since its inception in 2008, has been committed to building industrial technology system research, forming a research and development, design, production, sales and construction as one of the business model. The company has a smart, dedicated, innovative leadership team; there is a high degree, high quality, experienced staff team.

   The equipment of pyrolyzing waste tires into fuel oil and charcoal black , the equipment of pyrolyzing waste plastic into fuel oil and the consumer waste separation equipment made by the company are easy to operate and can save a lot of energy. There are not only huge continuous automatic complete sets of equipment, but also environmental single equipment. There are many different kinds of products. The customers have more choices. Choosing Bochuang Heavy Industry means you will win in the competition.

   The company adheres to the principle, “ quality first, customers first”, providing perfect technical consultation and quality after-sale service to the customers. The company adhere to the principles of “ be honest ; be mutually beneficial”. The products sell well at home and abroad depend on the superior quality and good after-sale service.
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